Common sales knowledge tells you that it is much easier to keep an existing client than to look for a new one. Similarly, it makes sense to ask existing clients for recommendations and referrals, and build a relationship from there. It works well for both of you - you get access to a potential customer, and, for that potential customer, the recommendation is coming from a trusted source - your existing client. Here are a few tips to help build a wider referral base.


You have won over a client and they are happy with your work. Once in a while, perhaps every quarter or so, ask them for feedback. This not only helps you understand what needs improvement, but it also gets them to show how exactly your solution has made things better. This gives you a chance to make your move and request a referral. When your client sees how well your product or service is working for them and how it has helped improve their situation, they will be more willing to recommend you.


Keep track of all your successes and the value you give your customers. This way, when a client does bring in a referral, you can easily illustrate how your solution worked and the benefits received. Plus, when you are sure of what it takes to close a deal successfully, you can apply the same methods here to win over the referral.


You get any number of leads and prospective clients in your sales funnel, but only about 20% of them convert to loyal customers. Make it a point to keep in touch with your customers often, even if they may not require your services at the time. Say hello every once in a while, and if an existing client brings in a referral, be sure to show your gratitude. You can even incentivize the referral process by offering your clients an extra bonus or free service for bringing in referrals.

HOW CAN Salesvue HELP?

Salesvue makes it easier to capture successes and make a note of what is working for you and your clients...which means you can easily replicate those tasks which ensure success. Salesvue's one-click call screens allow you to log calls in a few steps and our dashboard keeps you abreast of all sales activity, from conversion rates and sales activity to success rate by representative. You can dig further and unlock success rates based on industry, time of day and day of the week. Salesvue provides you with real-time data that helps identify best practices...which means winning over a new referral becomes easy.