Your sales team is the heart of your selling process. This is where all the activity happens, both before and after the sale. Your sales team is responsible for bringing in new business. They are also responsible for maintaining records and keeping existing customers happy. In order to sell more and get more for your business, you need to manage your sales team well and maximize productivity. Here's how.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sales TeamNot all customers and prospects have the same needs or the same kind of buying power. Some are bound to be more valuable in terms of the kind of revenue they bring in. Identify who your most valuable customers are and what makes them tick, their sweet spots. When you are able to understand the value of your customers and what value propositions work for them, you can deliver a better experience.


Your sales team also needs encouragement and incentives to push themselves. Set goals for your team and your business and keep track of the performance of each of your sales rep vis a vis those goals. When you link compensation with business goals, you will be able to determine who deserves what, and this can have a positive effect on future performance. You can also determine the kind of productivity you expect from different departments and different levels within your sales team.


Measuring performance is also an important facet of managing your team. You need to identify some key performance indicators (that can be understood by all), which can help you determine productivity levels. Align your goals with those metrics, and use a standardized system that is approved by the management, and accepted by the team. Then, use a system to record and track those key indicators. Salesvue helps you achieve and keep track of all of the above. Our easy logging system makes it easy to keep track of appointments, customer preferences and outcomes. The total activities report gives sales managers a snapshot of all sales and prospecting activity, with the ability to review success rates based on sales representative, campaign, prospect, time of day and day of the week. Salesvue equips you with data that you can really use. By recounting the patterns and steps that create success, Salesvue helps you recreate it.