Your sales pipeline could be filled with dozens of prospects at any given point in time. And that is in addition to your existing customer base, whose needs you have to meet. When there is so much sales activity happening at different levels at any given point in time, some of your prospects may slip through the cracks when you get caught up and do not communicate with them for too long. Sometimes, it can be difficult to gauge when exactly to follow up- how soon is too soon? All it takes is a little effort from your part to keep in touch and keep tabs on your prospects.


Sometimes, you follow up with a prospect and receive a lukewarm response, even though they were very interested in the beginning. This may not be because of budgetary constraints or a sudden change of heart- your prospect may be genuinely busy or the company may be going through some major changes. This could be anything from the launch of a new product or business to a merger or acquisition. It always helps to keep track of your prospects activities. Read the news, check their website for corporate updates- there may even be a chance for you to win more business.


Try sending across a holiday greeting, a print newsletter or the latest report from your firm. Since people are using snail mail less now, the chances of junk finding it's way into snail mail boxes has reduced. Plus, there is no fear of your mail getting relegated to the spam folder! Send across something useful. This way, you can give your prospect a little heads-up so they know that you are thinking of them and their business.


A great way to keep the conversation and the relationship going is to use automated campaigns and follow-ups. This way, even if you are busy chasing negotiating with existing customers or  uncovering new leads, the prospects in your pipeline will not be neglected. Salesvue is a sales automation software that helps you eliminate the guesswork behind suitable follow-up timeframes. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns guide sales reps through exactly which touch points to utilize. No lead slips through the cracks with Salesvue's practical approach.