How many times will you have to call a prospect before you connect? You may have a rough idea or a guess at an average, but there is actually a science to finding that number. Sales force automation software can help you find it.


When your team uses Salesforce, you’re not only automating your tasks, you’re collecting valuable information through every step of the sales process. But analyzing Salesforce data is time-consuming. That’s when Salesvue software can help.


You can’t rely on an industry average when trying to determine how many calls you should make because the variables involved in reaching such a figure are unknown to you. Salesvue software, however, accounts for all of the variables in your office.Using our own software to analyze our sales patterns, we found that our sales team generally makes 12 calls before connecting. If you don’t know how many calls you really need to make, you could be giving up on prospects too soon.


Why do some clients stick around, while others choose not to renew? When you track your on-boarding activities through Salesvue, you can begin to understand this previously mystifying question. Salesvue can illustrate how the frequency, type and tenor of client interaction affect retention. Then you can make adjustments and standardize your processes based on what’s worked and what hasn’t.


Technology has changed the way a sales team works. When you can interact with prospects via social media and have a face-to-face “meeting” online, there’s rarely a need to leave the office. This means sales people can accomplish a lot more in a typical workday. Still, your sales team could be making better use of time with sales force automation software. Salesvue helps you use Salesforce more efficiently, reducing the number of steps necessary to track your activities. To learn more about how Salesvue can boost productivity and results, download our white paper, “Math of Sales: Formula for Sales Success.”