At Salesvue, we strongly believe conversations are what help drive conversions. Follow-ups and call scheduling are important, but you need to have quality conversations to keep business flowing. Here are a few tips to having more impactful sales conversations.

Identify Objectives

The point of the conversation is as important as the conversation itself. Set some actionable goals before you make the call:
  1. At the end of this call, I should get the prospect to agree to a demo meeting or determine they are not a good fit.
  2. By the end of this call, I should get two referrals.
  3. Once I’m through with this call, I should be connected to the next big decision maker in the company.
When you have an agenda, it is easier to figure out where the conversation needs to go.

Dig Into Existing Data

Your system should have enough data about your prospects, either from previous conversations or purchases or details about how they found you online. It would also be helpful to have data about how they have been interacting with your brand online. Look at what was discussed in each conversation prior to this and the key pain points that were discussed. Did your prospect download a white paper or sign up for your newsletter? Ask them if it was helpful. Perhaps they made a purchase a long time ago and have stayed dormant for a while. Ask them what brought them back to you. This helps you learn more and it provides cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Keep Calm

When speaking to a prospect, it is easy to get carried away in your head. The Chinese often refer to it as "monkey mind," where your thoughts jump from one (un)related thought to the next. What are they thinking? Will they really buy the product? Did I lock the back door of my house? What did they just say? You need to pull yourself away from the noise in your head. Ask questions, pause, acknowledge what you have heard and think before you respond. Just summarizing what the prospect has said gives you better clarity and buys a few seconds more to think about how you are going to respond.

Benefits, Not Functions

One of the first things they teach you in sales training is you need to sell the benefits of your product or service. Don’t get caught up in telling your prospect about the functionality of the product; they already know what it does for the most part, that is why they approached you! You should tell them how your product does the job better than the rest.

Make It Personal

It is important to make a personal connection and genuinely relate to your prospect and his/her situation. But don’t force the conversation; a fake "bonding" is easy to spot! You can do this by reaching out in meaningful ways. Did someone just get married? Have a baby? Move to a new city? Talk to them about it before you dive into business. The initial interaction may need to be formal and professional, but you can afford to breakdown some of those barriers as the conversation progresses. Salesvue helps you bring in that human touch by optimizing conversations. There’s a flurry of activity taking place in your sales funnel, so we uncover the important details that help make a stronger connection with your prospect. By recording each conversation, you can make the next one count. And by scheduling follow-ups and customizing campaigns, you can reach out to your prospect at the right time and with the right message. Contact us today for more information.