Making a sale requires time, energy, effort and resources. And sales managers are often wrestling with new and innovative ways to increase sales, measure productivity and manage their team better so they get better results. But how about looking at the effectiveness behind sales? How effective are your representatives? Your campaigns? Your methodologies? By looking into your sales activity and measuring their effectiveness, you can affect change that will bring you the results you want.


Improve Sales Effectiveness First things first: unless you measure and keep track of your activities, you cannot change or improve it. You need to identify some metrics and activities that you can keep a track of and work on to work more effectively. Many companies set strict sales goals (adding 100 new customers a year, increasing revenue by 40%, etc.) and use that as benchmark for improvement and change. Instead of setting strict goals and measuring them, keep track of the activities that help you reach those goals. Sure, we all want to increase revenue by 40% this year, and you want to do everything you can to ensure that a 40% increase in revenue is generated. But you cannot force it to happen at the end of the day it depends on your customers and whether they actually buy. Sometimes, the economy can put a hold on people's buying power. Sometimes, external forces like an increase in your production costs can dampen your revenue goals. Some factors are out of your control and cannot be managed. However, the dynamics and numbers behind the activities that actually lead to a sale is something that can be measured and managed. Once you have this system in place, you can ensure that your team does what is needed to meet those sales goals. If your data shows you that it takes 5 calls to make a sale, then you can see who is falling behind and see if they need to change their approach.


Salesvue is a tool that can help you measure the metrics that matter, which in turn help you manage your sales effectiveness. Salesvue's conversation results reports provides key insights into the live interactions your reps are having with clients and prospects. Based on the data you see, you can identify problem areas and train and benchmark your team as needed. With the total activities report, you can see the number of total touches, unique leads and appointments, as well as click-through to unlock the details of those calls. You get an overview of your team's activity in real-time. Salesvue helps you identify and replicate the exact steps that lead you to success.