In today's digital world, prospects are more educated about your products and services than ever before. Prospects research your brand online, read customer testimonials and follow you on social networks in order to learn more about your company and how you do business. Many times, these activities are happening before a sales representative is even engaged.

In fact, according to Sirius Decisions, 67% of the buyer's journey is now done digitally. As a result, prospects want to see more educational resources coming from sales during this process to aid their decision and research. Instead of just focusing on selling, sales representatives should act as consultants in order to close the deal.

Due to the changes in prospect behavior, inside sales is quickly evolving and sales representatives need to adapt in order to win. In this infographic, we explore how sales is changing and how you can adjust to succeed. Some important takeaways from this piece include:

  • Outbound sales isn't as effective as inside sales because prospects now seek education and value — not a pitch or proposal — during their first interactions with sales reps.
  • The average cost per inbound lead is 61% lower than an outbound lead.
  • Inside sales is growing 300% faster than outside sales.
  • Social selling will become commonplace as inside sales continues to evolve.
  • Education will continue to be the most important selling tactic. Provide value first, then sell.

Learn more about the rise and future of inside sales by viewing the infographic below. For more information on how our sales force automation solution can help you succeed, request a demo of Salesvue today.