As a sales representative, you interact with dozens of prospects on a daily basis. It's important to look for new leads and establish rapport, but how do you keep the conversation going after you have made that first sales call, that initial pitch? Here is how you can keep the conversation flowing (and productive!) even after the sales call.


Keeping the Conversation Alive After the First CallIt becomes be difficult to remember when exactly to follow-up after your first sales call. It helps to have a follow-up schedule in place. Depending on the nature of your previous interaction, and whether you have your prospect any material to go through, establish a follow-up schedule to check in with your prospect. This way, you can ensure that there is not overlap with other prospects on your list. Plus, with prompt communication, you will remain fresh in the prospect's mind.


Email may not be the most effective way to pitch an idea, but it works just fine for subsequent communications and follow-ups. Email is fast, inexpensive and allows you to pass on information while personalizing the experience for the prospect. You should craft your emails so that they do not read like promotional messages. Start the message with a quick recap of what was discussed earlier, and move on to what new information you have to offer. Keep your mails precise and to-the-point; and use catchy and impactful subject lines which will ensure the email actually gets read!


With Salesvue, you get the benefit of #1 and #2 on one platform. Salesvue is a tool which helps you manage relationships with your leads and prospects better. Salesvue allows sales reps to log calls quickly, in the click of a button. By recording the details of the call, including the outcome, sales reps know exactly what needs to be discussed in the follow-up call. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns give sales reps an idea of which touch points to utilize. Plus, you don't have to worry about figuring out a suitable follow-up time-frame, since Salesvue relies on predetermined selling cadences and strategies. With our tools, we make sure that your prospects are always in the loop and you don't miss out on sending critical communications which help close a sale.