Lead management is not an easy process. Tactics which work for one company may not bring in results for another - there is no one fixed process that works across sectors and industries. However, you can put a process in place which makes managing and qualifying leads easier. Here are a couple of lead management tips.


lead management tipsBefore you begin calling leads, you need to know who your ideal buyer is. Are you selling B2B or B2C? What kind of business are they involved in? What are the basic demographics like age, location, income level and gender (if you are dealing with B2C). When you establish a profile of what a 'good lead' looks like, sales and marketing can work towards bringing in the right ones.


Some leads may fit your profile, but are not showing a willingness to buy. These prospects need to be nurtured. You need to build a relationship with them, send them information they can use, and try and gain a deeper understanding of what their needs are. Through smaller interactions, you should keep your brand in their minds...over time, they will open up to having a real conversation about what you can do for them.


Follow up is key. Once you make a connection, continue targeting those leads so you know whether they have received the information they requested (if any), whether they had a chance to think about purchasing; or if they have any new requirements or issues you may be able to take care of.


Without a prospecting process, your sales reps may call a prospect once or twice, hoping to hear back from them. But when you have a tracking and reporting system in place, you can log calls so that you know exactly when the connection was made, whether a conversation took place, or if your rep left a message. This step is important because it helps take the sales process to the next level and facilitates human touch- in the form of a webinar, demo or face to face meeting. Salesvue enables you to capitalize on tracking so that you can move on to having a real coversation with your prospect- and conversations are what drive conversions. Salesvue makes it easy to quickly log calls and track leads, all at the click of a button.