We ran into an interesting test case recently.   One of the things it is very easy to do in Salesvue is track activity results.  Both sales activity as well as conversation results.  Since we have launched Salesvue we have shown the product to approximately 1200 contacts.  A certain percentage have moved thru the sales cycle and become customers.  We know our close rate is improving as our product continues to get significantly better at providing more and more sales insight to sales management. The big question was what to do with old contacts who had viewed a demonstration but had not chosen to purchase.  In other sales management jobs I have had it was always the same question, should marketing take them back or should sales continue to own them since we had already done a demonstration.  By using Salesvue’s sales tracking system and data-mining the information we had we identified 600 contacts that we had done a demo for who had not spoken with a sales rep or anybody at Salesvue in the previous 180 days.  Naturally, my instincts said if they had interest 6 months ago perhaps they’d be interested in seeing our latest release. The results of reaching out to the people who had viewed a demo but hadn’t talked to a rep in 180 days has been fantastic.  We have set-up follow up meetings with almost 30% of the people contacted and 20% of those have ended up on our forecast. My question is if we had not re-engaged them would they have remembered us and would they have called us back on their own.  I think not.  Out of sight out of mind with groupon offers coming every day and facebook posts to read, people forget the value proposition you bring to the table.  That’s why it is called sales and not order taking. I would love to hear from others who take the time to reach back out to formerly interested prospects with a sales campaign not just a marketing newsletter and see if you see the remarkable results were enjoying.  I just wish I had done this more often earlier in my career.