We all know that not every lead we encounter will end up being a sale or end up being a lifelong customer. But many of those leads who do not come on board within the first few interactions just need some more time and convincing. These leads need a gentle nudge in the right direction. In short, they need to be nurtured. Lead nurturing is the process of gaining your prospect's trust through effective communication and relationship building. When you provide your prospect with relevant information and interact with them on a consistent basis, you can push them towards a purchase. Lead nurturing tips and tricksIf your lead needs some more time before taking a decision, ask for permission to stay in touch with them, and contact them in the timeframe they requested or the timeframe you promised. Once you do, offer them immediate value upfont. This does not have to be a free sample or heavy discount; rather, some information that can be of use to them, particularly with the problem they are facing (and which you are hoping to solve through your product or service!).  It also helps to explain the steps involved in implementing your solution. Describe the process in an uncomplicated and succint manner. You should also explain the end result of implementing your solution and how the prospect will benefit from it. You should also clear any misconceptions they may have about your product, from process to pricing. As you interact with your prospect, listen carefully to their concerns so that each time you follow up, you are able to up the value stakes and offer more. Track and record the details of each conversation you have; whether it ended positively or if the prospect sought more information. The more you offer with each subsequent interaction, the more they will trust you. Lead tracking and nurturing becomes easier when you use Salesvue. Salesvue is a sales automation software that helps you track leads, log calls and share information with your team.  Salesvue's USP is the ease with which sales representatives can log calls- just one click and you can record the nature of the interaction, date time and generate data that the team can use. Save over an hour each day in cumbersome logging activity!