On boarding is a crucial part of the sales process. It ensures the success of the customer, leading to customer loyalty and brand advocacy, while also producing benefits for your business. Every business needs one to help with client retention and make everyone's lives easier. This infographic provides:

  • A definition of on boarding
  • Benefits of having an on boarding process
  • The list of people who should be involved in the on boarding process
  • Tips on how to meet business goals with on boarding
  • Ways to automate your on boarding process
"The sale doesn't end with the purchase order," says Peter Fuller, Salesvue's Chief Marketing Officer. "Companies that have an efficient, friendly and service-focused on boarding process can more than double the lifetime value of each customer. Customer's will want to remain engaged because their initial experience was positive." Salesvue provides a sales acceleration and business intelligence technology for companies needing to shorten the time it takes to connect with their best prospects. Request a demo of Salesvue to learn how to automate client on boarding and increase sales connections by 40%. How to Make Your Client On Boarding Process More Efficient