Sales has evolved into a more buyer-centric activity today. The focus is on the buyer and educating yourself about their needs, and less about hard-selling the features of your product. Considering the number of options available in the market ,and the access to information your prospect has,  the only way you can stand out is by making a connection with the prospect. You need to make a personal connection with your prospects so that you can  build an environment of trust. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Step 1 in getting to know your prospect better is to get to know their problem better. You need to ask questions that will help you understand the problem better. Plus, you should also ask questions that will draw the prospect out and help them give you a better idea of what they want. Keep your questions open-ended so that you can probe further with follow-up questions. Questions which elicit a monosyllabic 'yes' or 'no' will bring the conversation to a close sooner.


To make a personal connection, you need to be a good listener. Your prospect cannot afford to feel like they are being ignored or taken lightly. Your response to whatever the prospect has to say needs to be meaningful, not formulaic. Any prospect will be able to sense when you are not paying attention.


As a sales representative, you need to put the needs of the prospect first- that includes everything from pricing and information to the mode of interaction and communication. You need to interact with the prospect on their time. If they have asked you to call only after a certain time in the day, respect that. If they ask you to get back to them after 2 days, do it. If they want more information sent via email, send it. While these may seem no-brainers, salesmen are guilty of missing out on these basic elements of selling. With a sophisticated tool like Salesvue, however, these basic elements are taken care of. You can record each interaction so that you get a better idea of how and when to contact your prospect. Salesvue makes it easy to quickly  log calls, track leads and generate real, fact-based sales forecasts. Request a demo to learn more now.