What drives sales? Your products and services are important, as well as how they are priced. Purchasing power of the customer is also a factor. But one factor that drives sales, and which cannot be overlooked, is communication. You need to interact with customers before they are customers, right? Your leads need to be nurtured to a point where they are ready to purchase. And, as a sales representative, you need to keep tabs on how well you are communicating with them and how close you are to closing the deal.


Manage leads betterYour leads need to be fed with relevant information at the right time. Based on how a potential customer is interacting with your brand, you can deliver messages with information that is useful and relevant to them. If you have a fresh lead who has visited your website but has never bought anything or reached out, you might want to send them some details about your services. Your messages should be created based on where the lead stands in the sales cycle - you can switch the information and offering accordingly.


You do not need to interact with all leads and customers just based on recency; you can use other differentiators too. All customers appreciate a persoalized touch - it shows them that you understand their needs and genuinely care for their business. Use segmentation tools and techniques to differentiate customers and place them in categories so that it becomes easier for you to create targeted messages. Via segmentation, you can customize your campaigns so that each lead gets a more personalized message. With Salesvue, lead tracking, segmentation and communication gets easier. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns hlep sales representatives zero in on which points to touch. You no longer need to fire a shot in the dark or rely on guesswork.  By controlling recency and frequency, the management team can identify best practices and replicate them...ensuring no lead slips through the cracks. Request a demo to learn more.