Sales representatives are often told to sell the benefits of their product or service. Highlighting what their product can do, how it is different from other products in the market, how your offering is the best one out there. Your customer has come to you because they have a problem that they cannot solve themselves. They know you have an adequate solution, but they want more than a solution: the customer needs to know that they are getting something that benefits them in the long-run. You need to provide value.


Demonstrating value for your clientsSure, you can promise an amazing product and sell the benefits, offer discounts and promise 24-hour customer care and service, but that will come only after they have signed on the dotted line. These are examples of the kind of value they will receive once they have struck a deal with you. But you need to demonstrate that through your interactions as well. You need to spend time getting to know them and understanding their problem so that you can offer something that will actually be of use to them. Before you sell the benefits, make them see (and feel) the value of partnering with you.


Before customers enter into a long-term business arrangement or partnership with you, they need to know what they can expect from you. How things will move forward, how soon they will hear from you, when you can give them additional information, where and how they can contact you. You need to be patient with your prospects- selling is about building and maintaining a relationship, and you will need to address the prospect's concerns and gently follow-up when they become unresponsive. You need to keep your communications consistent, both in terms of recency and frequency and in terms of the kind of messages and information you are delivering. With Salesvue, you can personalize all your communications along the way. Salesvue's software focuses on optimizing the human touch in the buying process. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns give sales representatives insight into which touch points to utilize. We maximize sales productivity with insightful reports and actionable conversation tracking. See what is working, and repeat those steps to recreate success; and show your customers you value their business.