How do you uncover new prospects? And how can you sell more? While large marketing campaigns and innovative selling strategies can bring in results, there are a few simpler ways to unlock more business. And it can be done from within your team, without too much fuss. Here are 3 ways to increase your sales, in-house.


3 Quick Ways to Get New BusinessYou cannot look for an ideal customer until you know what that ideal customer is supposed to look like. Unless you define who your target audience is, what their pain points may be, other demographics like age, gender, size of business (in the case of B2B selling) and purchasing power, you will not be able to communicate your marketing messages effectively. Create segments and sub-segments based on finer demographics and create tailored messages and promotions for them. The more segments you identify, the more people you can approach.


Customer lifetime value is the likely value a customer can bring to your business over a lifetime. In the long run, it is much more profitable to retain an existing customer than find a new one. Once you land a client, do whatever it takes to ensure that they will continue to buy from you. Develop a strategy at the outset to covert those buyers into lifelong customers. Offer loyalty programs, discounts, or create personalized messages and tailor made experiences and buying opportunities. Communicate with them often so that they know you appreciate their business. Adding a personal touch goes a long way in building trust and a strong relationship with your brand.


What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, in the case of sales. All your prospects and clients differ in terms of their needs, as well as the size and scale of their organizations and the problems they may be facing. As a seller, you need to be  able to identify what makes them tick - their hot buttons or their 'magnets.' Some may prefer face to face interactions, so take the trouble to meet with them. Other may like all their communication and correspondence digitally, so send things via email. Whatever helps them work better will help you work better, too. Salesvue can help you qualify new prospects as well as keep existing customers on board. And Salesvue helps you identify those customer magnets with ease. The total activities report as well as the call reports show you exactly how your sales representatives are interacting with prospects and how prospects are responding. You can measure success rates by campaign, sales rep, time of day and day of the week. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns guide sales reps through the right touch points to utilize and eliminate the guesswork of finding a suitable follow-up time frame. Keep your clients and prospects engaged, as and when they need it.