There are times when the pressure of a sales career can be overwhelming. As a manager, you try to be attuned to spikes in stress levels, but you may not even notice your star sales rep is struggling until you see her gnawing on her favorite ballpoint pen like a rabbit eating a carrot. It’s your job to support each member of your sales team and motivate them to meet goals, but also give them the tools they need to alleviate some of the pressure. Sales performance automation is one way you can reduce wear-and-tear on ballpoint pen caps and get the most out of your sales staff.


In some ways, the sales cycle is pretty similar to an automotive assembly line. To be profitable, manufacturers must be engaged in every stage of production at any given time. While they’re building a chassis for one car, at the other end of the line, tires are being added to a finished model. Imagine the stress these companies would feel if they built only one car at a time their ability to continue working would hinge upon the sale of that single car, every time. Sales teams need a healthy mix of new opportunities and existing prospects - sales automation tools can help them manage all of those relationships with minimal stress. Sales automation technology schedules tasks, allowing staff to direct the right amount of effort to each point in the pipeline.


Salespeople can’t always disengage from their work when they go home at night. They may still be thinking about how to close a particular deal, or what their priority is for the next day. Sales performance automation schedules follow-up calls and daily tasks, so your sales team can get a better night’s sleep. A well-rested sales rep is going to have better judgment and be in better spirits than one who stayed up too late agonizing about work. Clients and prospects may be able to sense stress over the phone. The last thing you want is for your team to come across as needy, desperate or unhappy. To learn more about how to support your sales staff, download our white paper, "5 Hidden Factors that Make or Break Your Sales Team," by filling out the form below: