Closing a sale is a long-drawn out process. You begin by sifting through your leads to narrow down that list and gain qualified prospects, after which you converse and interact with your prospects to understand more about what they need. Then comes the proposal stage, and perhaps more negotiations and discussions. A lot of times, prospects get busy and it is up to you to follow up with them so that they do not slip through the cracks. But that does not have to happen- you can, in fact, figure out how best to interact with your clients and send them reminders at the right time, based on your conversations and previous interactions. Here is how Salesvue can help you.


You cannot move on to the next call without figuring out when you made the last one, right? With Salesvue, you can record every interaction and conversation you have with your prospects with our one-click calls screens. Salesvue makes it easy to quickly log calls, track leads and generate fact-based sales forecasts so you know when to take the next step. With a few simple clicks, you can note down who you spoke to, the nature of the interaction and the outcome. You can learn, standardize and understand processes better. You can schedule tasks better and rest assured that no lead goes untouched.


Salesvue helps tackle sales opportunities by making follow up easier. With Salesvue's advanced reporting capabilities, you get better insight into success rates based on company, sales representative, time of day and even day of the week. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns guides sales representatives through which touch-points to utilize and eliminate the hassle of guessing when to make that follow up and how. With Salesvue, you can click on what activity you would like to move to next (call, email) and even select a template for it. By controlling recency and frequency, management can effectively identify best practices. You can assign leads with ease and give your sales representatives a blueprint activity sequence to follow to ensure success.