There are some things sales automation software cannot do: Take a prospect to lunch, read body language or make a quick decision based on a hunch. But sales automation software can give your salespeople the support they need to execute those human-specific functions to the best of their ability.


Your sales team needs to be able to seize an opportunity the moment it arises, and that is easier to do when simple tasks are automated. Sales automation software can save your sales people time by handling basic functions like sending acknowledgment emails to prospects, scheduling follow-up calls and tracking time spent on projects. When used in conjunction with marketing automation, sales automation software can create unity and clarity across departments.


Marketing and sales should work hand-in-hand, but that is not always the reality. Sometimes, the debate over what is a good lead and what is not, creates contention. This is because, historically, deciding what is a good lead – and when to act on it – has been a pretty subjective process. Sales automation software allows marketing departments to qualify leads and deliver the best prospect to sales departments, while allowing sales staff to share info easily with marketing teams.


You already know Salesforce is a great tool for CRM. Salesvue builds upon the utility of Salesforce, giving your team quick access to sales activities when on-the-go. User-friendly mobile interfaces allow sales reps to stay up-to-date on developments between meetings, or wherever they may be. You can even use automation software to ensure the workload is evenly distributed among your sales staff. Let your people handle the finer points of the sales process. For rudimentary tasks, however, put sales automation software to work for you.