Companies investing in a sales automation solution often find the selection process and choices confusing. Our new infographic, “How to Select a Sales Automation Solution,” provides best practices to guide the selection process.

We developed this infographic to provide answers to common questions such as:

  • How do I recruit a solution selection committee?
  • How does the committee determine technology needs?
  • How can we future-proof our technology selection?
  • What features are available for my company?
  • Why are prospecting and business intelligence tools important?

“There are many things to consider when selecting a sales automation solution, including the availability of an automated prospecting function and the type of business intelligence that will help sales teams increase sales connections,” said Bill Johnson, president and CEO of Salesvue. “This infographic will help sales managers make more informed decisions.”

Read the infographic and tell us what you think in the comments. If you're interested in learning more about Salesvue, request a demo today:

How to Select a Sales Automation Solution