Sales calls…you never know how many you will have to make before you get the desired result before the prospect signs the deal. Some prospects may be willing to do business with you with minimal discussions; while others may need lots of thinking time and multiple proposal drafts and meetings. There is no single straight answer or one ideal statistic- but here are a few tools that may make figuring it out easier.


how many sales calls does it take to close the dealYou will encounter dozens of leads on your pipeline. You need to qualify your leads properly so that you can take things forward with prospects who really care and may actually convert. Many times, when you are pursuing leads, some may pop up which seem interested in your product at first, but fall off your radar after a few conversations. You need to be able to sift out the winners from the losers and let go of leads that go cold. Pursue leads if:
  • They have a genuine problem that needs to be fixed
  • Their needs and goals are aligned with yours
  • Both parties can commit
  • They are responsive


Look for selling patterns internally and externally. Externally, look at the buying behaviors of some of your existing clients when you approach them with new business. There may be certain points in time, or certain people you can talk to, who may help speed up the process. Or there may be a certain technique which helps close faster. Look for these patterns and simulate it. Internally, you can review the performance of your sales representatives and identify who has a better success rate and what they are doing to get there.

OR USE Salesvue

With Salesvue, you can see exactly how many calls it takes to realize a deal and see it go through. Salesvue’s appointment management report gives you quick access to who your sales representatives are conversing with, how and how often; and within a few seconds you can see how many touches it takes to reach the desired call to action. With Salesvue, you can look into success rates by representative, day of the week as well as time of the day. With Salesvue, you can identify patterns and take the exact steps required to recreate success.