How a Sales Dashboard Can Help You Get Inside the Heart of a Sale

Almost all salespeople have one primary goal: to increase sales. And that can be one of the more challenging aspects of the sales process. Capturing new leads, cutting costs and generating more repeat sales are all ways to achieve this- but managing all these tasks can be overwhelming. Here are 2 ways that illustrate how the use of a sales dashboard like Salesvue can help you get at the heart of a sale to understand what is working in your favor, and use that to increase your conversion rates.


Why You Should Use a Sales DashboardOne of the biggest pitfalls of having several leads and prospects in your pipeline is the danger that some of them slip through the cracks because you have been negligent. With an interactive sales dashboard like Salesvue, sales reps and sales managers can view the progress of each sales rep at any given point in time, and do so at a glance. You can tell which prospects are close to closing, and who may need an extra push. Managers can track individual goals and targets versus results, as well as track how well a sales rep is performing. Plus, Salesvue offers automated campaigns which guide sales reps through which touch points to utilize.


Understanding the cost of customer acquisition can go a long way in streamlining costs and identifying best practices to win more sales. You need to know how much it is costing you, on an average, to close a sale. A sales dashboard can show you how much time was spent on a prospect, how many interactions took place and the nature of those interactions were (face to face, phone, video conferencing and so on.) When you compare that with the business generated, you can see how profitable that customer actually is- and whether you need to change your tactics. If you see that a particular campaign, methodology or sales rep is closing quicker and closing more, you can replicate those practices across the board to generate more sales.

Salesvue offers users a sales dashboard that is informative, interactive and easy to understand. View the total activities report to understand where your reps stand in relation to their prospects, and dig deeper using our refinement tool, so that you can view metrics by rep, prospect or time frame. With the appointment management report, you can uncover how many calls it takes to close.