Emailing is a crucial part of the sales process. Yes, making first impressions and communicating would be easier if all your prospects and clients worked down the hall, but that’s simply not the case. For companies looking to sell to those beyond 100 feet of them, which we suggest, emailing is the perfect way to make a great first impression, update your prospects throughout the sales process and stay connected with customers. To make this even easier, there are some great sales email tools on the market to help with every aspect of your emailing efforts.

Why Bolster Your Team’s Email Efforts?

As a team leader, you may be telling yourself that your team has their emailing figured out and they don’t need any help. Your business is doing just fine. As a salesperson, you may be telling yourself that any minor issues or annoyances with emailing aren’t that big of a deal. However, there’s plenty of ways that leveraging sales email tools in your efforts can help give your team a lift. Here’s three main ways they can help.

Automation Saves Time

Some tools help automate emails, which can save more time than you ever expected. Email automation can help reps follow up and react to prospects without the click of a button. Automated emails that respond at specific points or in certain scenarios can help take that work off your seller’s hands, allowing them more time to perform meaningful sales tasks.

Cadences Help You Scale and Organize

Cadencing can help scale and organize a seller’s emailing efforts. Better yet, they can help an entire team’s efforts! Cadences will keep messaging consistent and organized across all sellers, thus allowing team leaders to see what’s working and what’s not. From here, actionable insights can be developed to find the best practices for the team.

AI Can Help Optimize Messaging

No one gets everything perfect on the first try. But, through the help of AI, you can get closer to perfect sooner. Why waste valuable time and potentially lose great prospects during your trial and error of new email templates and messaging. AI tools can help show the best options for reaching your target audience effectively sooner, before it costs you time and potentially lost deals.

3 Ways Salesforce Helps Your Business

Sales Email Tools

Here are some of our picks on great sales email tools to work with to help build pipeline and enhance your emailing efforts.

Sales Automation


Salesvue is a great option to help in your sales automation efforts. As a sales engagement platform, Salesvue can perform the function of automating emails. As previously mentioned, automating your emails can help sellers spend more time on the meaningful tasks that help close deals. They can be hands off and watch prospects progress through the pipeline without them needing to do anything. Setup your preferences and watch the automation go to work.

Email Marketing Tools

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot can help your team in their email marketing needs. In Pardot, you can execute marketing campaigns, which can help generate leads. From here, these leads can be sent to your SEP, or sales engagement platform, and sent over to a more personalized cadence where your sellers can apply lots of focus to them.

Email Sequence Software


As with email automation, Salesvue can also help with email sequencing. This sequencing, or cadencing, can help organize and align the sales process across multiple sellers. By following best practices based on previous results, you can help your sellers know which emails are best to lead with and follow up with, where specific content works best, the best time to leave in between each step and more.

Email Coaching and AI Tools


Looking back on AI and how it can boost your emailing efforts, Lavender is a great tool to help with this. Lavender gives you real time AI-driven coaching to help you build your emails better. By seeing AI into how to better reach your target audience, Lavender helps teams craft the best and most effective messaging.

Audience Intelligence

SalesIntel and

Audience intelligence is a crucial part of your emailing efforts. What’s the point of putting in all this work to craft the best messaging and figuring out when the best time to deliver it is if you have no one to send it to? Audience intelligence tools like SalesIntel and can help you find the best contacts and prospects. These tools can help fill your cadences with the right contacts to help build your pipeline.

Free Tools


Not to be overlooked, certain web tools like Grammarly are free to use and can help immensely in your efforts. Why not take advantage of a tool like Grammarly that can help quickly point out ways to better craft your messaging in a way that will read well to your prospects.


Another free web tool is Loom. Loom helps create video by allowing for screen recording, instant editing, viewer insights and unlimited transcriptions. There’s a free option on this tool that can allow you to create video to leverage in your emails and processes.


Sales email tools can help take your emailing efforts to the next level. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you ignored the help that these tools can bring. Better yet, help bring all these tools into a single system with the help of Salesforce. By aligning these tools within Salesforce, you will have access to getting the help from all-in-one spot. Set up the best cadences with Salesvue, find the best prospects to load into them with an audience intelligence tool, then author the best emails to reach them using an AI email coaching tool.

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