Sales requires you to make repeated callbacks and maintain a steady flow of communication. Sometimes, prospects are hooked instantly; other times, you need to spend time nurturing leads and convincing them to buy your product. Follow up is a requisite. However, if you do not follow up the right way, you risk losing valuable leads. Are you making these follow up mistakes?


sales follow up mistakes to avoidFollow up needs to happen as soon as possible - when you are still fresh in the minds of the prospect and can make an impression. If you have received a query or a lead via your website, contact them within an hour- you will be more likely to qualify the lead and land meaningful conversations with decision makers in the organization. If you speak to a lead and they ask you to call them later, call exactly when they requested you to- not a day later. Frequency and recency will help qualify more leads. Make it timely.


When you follow up, don't do it blindly. You need to know what you are going to say. You do not need to sound like a telemarketer or the guy who picks up the phone at Domino's, but have a well-planned response or opening line to start the conversation.

On the other hand, if your prospect requested more information and you are following up their request, you MUST have exactly what they asked for. You need to provide complete answers to their questions. This not only helps them understand your product or solution better, but it also builds trust and credibility.


You cannot make your follow-up routine better if you do not record and measure where things are working and where they are falling short. Make a note of the leads you have in your pipeline, the number of new leads you receive each week, how many of those leads turn into qualified prospects, and how that success was achieved. Also look at where and how leads are falling off the pipeline. When you record what works, you can replicate it for future interactions, and pinpoint which sales representatives are struggling and in which area.

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