Confidence is an important part of sales, which is why any good sales rep spends time researching a prospect before making that initial phone call. As prepared as you may be, there are certain factors that have always been hard to predict like the best time to call, how many calls you might have to make or whether a lead is even worth pursuing. Sales acceleration technology that gives you access to empirical data, helps eliminate a lot of uncertainty for sales reps. And that, in turn, gives you the confidence and poise you need to close a deal.


When you’re on a call with a prospect, that’s where your focus needs to be. If you’re distracted by wondering whether you forgot to schedule a meeting with a client or how many follow-up calls you need to make by the end of the day, you can’t be as attentive as you should be. Sales performance technology alleviates those nagging little distractions, because you know your tasks have been scheduled automatically.


As you track your progress using Salesvue’s easy Salesforce interface, you’ll be banking data that will help you become a better salesperson. For example, you can look at your past interactions with prospects to determine the number of calls you need to make to increase your chances at closing a deal. Having access to that information can get you past a slump. Whereas in the past, you may have doubted your own abilities after one too many leads went cold, but data may show that you just need to hang in there a little longer to establish a connection.


The right technology can give you the confidence to close more deals, but it also helps sales teams to trust the leads marketing teams deliver. Salesvue offers a wealth of information culled from thousands of sales calls across multiple industries that helps marketing teams understand how to better zero-in on leads. When you make that first call knowing your marketing team has thoroughly vetted that lead, you’ll be more confident in your ability to make a sale. To learn more about how Salesvue can help you make smart decisions, download our white paper, "4 C’s of Sales," by filling out the form below: