The sales process seems simple enough: you find leads, qualify them, move on to the prospecting stage where you chase them and negotiate terms, and, finally, close the deal. Even though the broad steps in the sales pipeline seem pretty simple, once the process begins, things can get very complex. Here are a few ways to tweak your sales techniques within the sales process which can help you close quicker.


The quality of leads you bring in to your pipeline has a bearing on productivity.  The better your leads, the less time you will spend calling on people who have no use, need or desire for your product. Create a profile of your ideal/target customer, and on the other hand, create a list of attributes for the kind of person who would NOT buy from you. This will help you narrow down the search and let go of leads which will not be useful. Once you have begun prospecting, you may still have some leads who are not particularly inclined to buy - there could be a lack of budget or time - or maybe their situation has not reached a level so problematic that they need your help. If you feel that you are not going to be of any actual use to the lead, it's best to stop pursuing and end amicably.


You are probably working the phones and responding to emails all day long. Remember, your prospect is also being courted by other hopefuls. Try not to put them off, or worse, let them ignore you completely by sending them long-winded, jargon-laced messages. Value their time and keep your  messages short and effective. Your message should contain:
  • What you are offering
  • Why the prospect will find it useful
  • Why they will benefit (and why you are better than the competition.)


Sure, it is important to keep track if your progress- how many calls you have made, whether you have resent the proposal to a prospect, when your next face-to-face meeting is and so on- but it also pays to keep track of milestones from the prospect's company. After a few interactions, you will understand the steps and the decisions your prospect needs to make before they can buy. Track progress form their point of view, and give them timely information and interactions which will help them make the right decision. With Salesvue, tracking prospect milestones as well as your progress with them becomes easily manageable and much more efficient. Salesvue's interactive and informative dashboard brings you up to speed with all prospecting activities, and allows you to view sales activity based on urgency and recency. The one-click call screen saves time and allows for quicker and more effective logging. Note down who you spoke to, when and what the outcome was, and create automated campaigns and follow-ups to ensure no prospect goes cold.