If you are a sales manager, then using Salesforce applications can make your life much, much easier. The App Exchange has a ton of different Salesforce add-ons that integrate with other tools you use every day to help your sales organization be more efficient. Our Salesvue for Salesforce application is something sales organizations desperately need in order to access full visibility into the sales cycle. It offers you an easier way to manage tasks, along with understanding performance of your representatives all while gaining better insight into real-time metrics which enable you to create more accurate forecasts. With Salesvue, there is greater transparency and better visibility into the finer details of the pipeline, right down to the conversation level. With a single click, you can see the status of your pipeline: number of leads, deals in progress, reps nearing a close and even leads which deals may be falling off track. All this can save so much time and energy. Here are 3 ways Salesvue for Salesforce can help your team:

1. Smarter Decisions, Faster

Managers are required to think and act fast, and this translates into making strategic decisions quickly. With the Salesvue dashboard and the Salesforce integration, you have quick and easy access to the information you need to prioritize deals, prospects and customer problems. The dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of the pipeline, so you can plan faster and spend more time selling.

2. Coaching For Those Who Need It Most

It’s highly unlikely that all your sales reps are performing on the same level. Some may need training and additional coaching to bring deals to a close or create new opportunities. Salesvue can help. Since prospecting and pipeline activity are easily accessible, managers can quickly see when a rep is struggling and offer much needed assistance. Managers can also see success rates and understand where team members are performing well. This allows the team to replicate successful models and, of course, reward high performers.

3. Sharper Forecasting

You can say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and clunky files. The entire sales teams' activities, opportunities and deals are aggregated and updated in one place, allowing you to review previous forecasts and update existing ones in less time. You can also run reports in real-time without having to wait for individual submissions from team members, which can save hours of time gathering data each week. Salesvue, with the added advantage of Salesforce, gives you all the data you need at your fingertips. From sales goals and metrics, to lead and opportunity management analysis, Salesvue shows you exactly when to push further and when to move onto the next lead. With the comparative analysis of sales reps, managers can see where opportunities were won or lost and what issues need to be addressed.