The sales landscape today is much more competitive than it was twenty years ago. In addition to having twice as many brands to choose from, which makes brand recognition and awareness more difficult, potential customers are typically more informed and less inclined to be ‘sold to.’ In fact, ninety-percent of buyers say that when they are ready to make a purchase, they will find their way to the seller. Statistics show that 70% of the buying process is already done once a prospect is ready to engage with a salesperson. You may not have control over when you will get approached, but, as a seller, you can be prepared when the potential buyer is ready to engage with you.

The best way to be prepared and stay engaged is by using an automation tool within Salesforce. Using automation tools to guide these opportunities ensures that you stay engaged and serve your potential customers as the expected expert adviser for your product or services. Here are a few ways you can benefit from using a sales automation tool within Salesforce:

Deliver a Personal, Timely Message

Sales automation tools can provide you with the information you want to know about your prospect to provide an appropriate and timely response to them. Timing of the message has a huge impact; research shows that between 35-50% of sales go to the seller that responds first. Automation tools help you time these messages with alerts and reminders. Additionally, by tracking prospect activities on your site, you can target them with prioritization. Salesforce real-time alerts allow you to be proactive and reach out to the prospect when you are fresh on their mind.

Simplify Follow-Up

Sales automation also makes lead handling and follow-up much, much simpler. Without automation, phone numbers and to-do lists can get lost, and reminder apps may go unnoticed. By using the Salesvue application within Salesforce, you can make sure neither leads nor information gets lost. Logging capabilities allow you to keep information records about each call, and you can make follow-up mandatory and arrange callbacks at times which fit the prospect's convenience. No lead will slip through the cracks.

Track Leads in Real-Time

When sales automation is integrated within Salesforce, data can be streamlined and viewable across sales and marketing departments. This creates a synergy around communication; follow-up plans on leads and reporting on metrics. Since all departments have easy access to the activities of the other, leads can receive a steady flow of communication that adds value and helps bring the prospect closer to becoming an opportunity. With Salesvue, sales development and lead nurturing becomes swift and hassle-free. Our software allows for easy call logging, follow up scheduling and activity monitoring. As opposed to traditional dashboards, Salesvue gives you an overall snapshot of sales activity and lets you filter and search for specific details and metrics.  Contact us for more information today.