Salesvue prides itself on being the easiest to use and most powerful Salesforce-native sales engagement platform. While other native options exist, none offer the same capabilities or UX that Salesvue does. By utilizing Salesforce Lightning, Salesvue can integrate with hundreds if not thousands of applications. This not only makes life easier on your team right now but proves to be very cost effective in the future. Let us look at how we accomplish this.

Salesforce Lightning Capabilities

As just mentioned, Salesvue uses Salesforce Lightning connections to bring the best integration options to you. Because of how it is built, Salesvue’s UX allows for any existing Salesforce applications to be brought up within Salesvue. So, essentially, you would still live within the Salesvue application, but get the full experience of the integration app being utilized.

This also means the days of having many apps and tabs open are in the past. Leveraging all these integrations within Salesforce helps allow sellers to streamline their job, adopt new tech, and utilize it to its fullest potential. As an example, here is how LinkedIn Sales Navigator looks within Salesvue.

So, within Salesvue, you have access to everything within LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You are given the true experience that LinkedIn Sales Navigator you give you, but you get to access this within your Salesforce org. This means you only have to live within one system.

If you want to pick another application, all you must do is select which application you want from the top row, highlighted here.

Remember, the best part about living natively within Salesforce means the possibilities are endless. These are some common integrations we see our customers use. But, if your company uses a different application within Salesforce, it will pop up right here with the rest of them. Anything you use within Salesforce can be used in Salesvue.

Future Proof Your Investments

Perhaps the best part of Salesvue’s integration capabilities is how good of an investment it can be for you and your team. With other sales engagement platforms, finding integration solutions can be costly. Whether you must switch solutions you are already utilizing or are forced to waste time switching back and forth between applications if they do let you keep yours, there are better solutions.

Salesvue is the perfect way to future proof your investments. If the solutions you are using are found within Salesforce, they will fit right inside of your Salesvue org. This also means if there are any Salesforce applications in the future you find, all you need to do is add them and they will pop up directly next to anything you are currently using.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Salesvue, like other sales engagement platforms, integrates with Salesforce. However, Salesvue takes this Salesforce-native integration a step further with other integration opportunities. Salesvue gives you the option to pull in any existing or future Salesforce applications your team uses and puts everything within the same system for you. Do not worry about relearning a new system or limiting your options in the future. Working within Salesvue gives you the easiest to use experience with hundreds of potential integrations.

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