As a sales person, you could be dealing with any number of prospects at a given point in time. The needs and preferences of your prospects are bound to vary...which means that you also need to address those. The key is to approach and target your prospects the right way so that you get a positive response. This is where segmenting prospects comes in handy.


segmenting prospectsSimply put, it makes your job easier and your prospect happier. When you can group your prospects into segments, you can streamline your work. You can provide your prospects with more meaningful and relevant communications to drive engagement and interest in your product.


The first step is to have clean, well organized database. Your prospect database should be organized logically and up-to-date. Once that is done, you can segment prospects based on a number of factors. Here are a few. Demographics: This is the most basic method of segmenting prospects- based on the who, where and how much. You may also have prospects with varying spending levels, and based on their budgets, target them with customized offers. Then of course, there is the aspect of need: segmenting customers based on the products or services they may need from your suite. Recency: Look at your prospect list and see who you have interacted with on a consistent and less-consistent basis. When your are able to place your prospects into groups based on activity (days, weeks, months etc) you can create targeted messages tailored to their previous levels of interaction. Response: You can also segment prospects based on the way they respond to communication. This could be the nature of the communication (phone calls, emails, video chats, face to face) or when it is done, right down to the day of the week and even time of day. If your prospect prefers being contacted on the phone post 5 pm on Fridays, set aside a time for that. Catering to these little details may seem difficult, but not with Salesvue. Salesvue's tracking system lets sales reps note down and track every interaction, so they can pick the best way to get in touch with prospects and replicate that for future success.