We’re all crunched for time: buyers, sellers, marketers and managers. No one has time to waste when doing business, and, as a seller, you certainly do not want to waste hours on a project or prospect that is not going to give you returns. Here are a few simple tips you can incorporate into your daily schedule that can help you sell more in less time.

Make the First Move

Studies show the sooner you get in touch with a prospect, the greater the likelihood they’ll convert. Attention spans are short these days, so you need to move as quickly as you can. You need to gauge the level of engagement and see how far along the lead has moved. Have they just signed up? Have they viewed your products and pricing page? Understand how and why they have interacted with you online. When you make the call, put it in context. By making the first call relevant and timely, you will have a more meaningful conversation.

Don’t Sell To The Unmotivated

However, don’t sell to those who are not ready. You are the best judge of who is really ready to make a commitment and who is just shopping around. If you feel someone has little or no intention to buy, move them to your marketing list. If they show genuine interest later, you can get back to them.

Make Use Of The Prospect’s Best Time

Traditionalists will tell you calling someone after 5 p.m. is inappropriate and calling someone before 10 a.m. is rude. But is there a strict 9-5 code in today’s globalized business world? Once you begin interacting with a prospect, you will get an idea of when they are free to speak and when they are in the best frame of mind to have an impactful conversation. Schedule your calls to their convenience. They will appreciate that you are calling at a convenient time, and you have their attention to learn more move to a close.

Plan For Tomorrow

You won't make any sales without follow-ups. And since follow-up is part of your daily routine, why not plan in advance? The worst way to start your day (and the best way to waste time!) is getting to work in the morning and trying to figure who you need to call and what you need to tell them. By planning callbacks and scheduling automated follow-ups, you erase the headache of scrambling for numbers and information. And, if you log your calls and make a quick note of what has been discussed, you will know exactly where you left off so you can avoid repetition and focus only on taking the deal forward. Salesvue can help you get there. Salesvue simplifies and automates follow-up tasks so sales teams can make twice as many calls. Our one-click call log application helps you record each conversation quickly and efficiently. Data analysis and detailed reports give you insights on objection patterns, response times based on time of day and day of the week, as well as how well your prospects are responding to each conversation. With these insights, sales teams are able to make better choices, delivering a 20% increase in conversion rates. Still not convinced? See Salesvue in action.