Selling sounds like a simple have a product or service, you find some leads, you persuade them and sell the product to them, and you end up making a profit. But to get to the point of convincing your prospect that they need what you're selling, you need to build a relationship. You need to understand the situation they are in and learn what their needs are, so you know whether your solution is the right fit. You need to question them and learn more about them so that you can make them an offer they cannot refuse.


Asking the right questions in sales meetingsYour prospect has found you because they have a need or problem they are unable to address themselves. Understand the situation they are in, how they got to that point, and why they are looking to remedy it. Ask the prospect what they want to achieve and what their long-term goals are. Ask questions that will give you more insight into their problem.


Not all customers and prospects are built alike. Some prospects are willing to talk openly, while others may need a little extra push to open up. In order to unlock sufficient information, ask open-ended questions - which do not just end in a simple 'yes' or 'no.'
  • Can you tell me more about your problem?
  • What do you think about out proposed solution so far?
  • What are your concerns regarding this project?
  • Can you give me some examples of....
  • How would you like to proceed?


Not all sales deals close with a single conversation or meeting - your prospect will want to discuss more and learn more, and you, in turn, will want to know more from their end so that you can tailor a winning proposal. Make a note of what you discussed and schedule a follow up call or meeting to take things forward. You need to interact with your prospects consistently to avoid being passed over for a competitor. Timing is crucial. Communicating with your prospects, and following up with them, just got easier with Salesvue. Record all your interactions with prospects and clients via our one-click call screen, and save over an hour a day logging calls. Our lead management system makes it easy to track meetings, proposals and outcomes, so you know exactly what to do next.