Sales today has seen a major shift- the focus is no longer on the seller or the features of the product at hand, but on the buyer. The buyer today has much more access to information and a better knowledge of the marketplace and who is offering what. Buyers have the pick - they do not need to interact with sellers if they do not want to, so they key is to create relevant communications that lead to meaningful interactions. You need to speak to the customer's needs.


Speaking to Your Customer's NeedsYour message needs to be relevant. Is the lead you are looking at really qualified? Are they looking for what you have to offer? Can they afford it? If they possibly could use your products or services, in what way can it help them? You need to make sure that the lead you are pursuing is relevant to your business. And once qualified, you need to send them a message or communication that is relevant to them- offering to sell surfboards to people in Arizona in November may not have many takers.


Secondly, is your message offering value? Your prospect has a problem, which is why they found their way to you. But how is your solution better than the rest? Your prospects need to know how it will enrich their lives and provide them with a positive outcome.


You need to build solid relationships with your prospects so you can convert them to loyal customers, and keep that relationship going. You need to communicate with the customer frequently, keep track of their needs and preferences and follow up quickly- with the information they require. Salesvue helps you speak to your customer better than ever. You can record each of your interactions, and make a note of how it ended- whether there was a response, whether you had a conversation which resulted in a follow-up request, whether you exchanged an email- and you can build on those interactions and conversations. Our campaign management tools make it easy to assign leads and set up an appropriate activity sequence. Visit to learn more about automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns that will help sales reps target which points to follow through.