Tracking each step of the sales process is necessary, because this provides information on where prospects converted in the sales process. Though step-by-step tracking may sound tedious, you will see results if you track the following 3 stages.

Tracking Call Results

At Salesvue, we believe that conversations are at the heart of the sale. By noting the activity that happens in this part of the funnel - the interactions and exchange of ideas between leads and sales reps - you can understand what prompts leads to convert. Each call from a sales rep has a finite result, and these results need to be recorded. Salesvue helps with its call logging capabilities. The one-click logging system feeds the relevant details of each call into the system, so you can track prospect behavior and the effectiveness of your sales reps.

Tracking Objection Patterns

Objection patterns may appear to be the same as call tracking, but there are finer details to be uncovered. Sometimes, messages, campaigns or steps trigger a loss. Maybe the language was not right. Perhaps the timing was incorrect. Maybe your prospect responds better via an alternative channel of communication. Salesvue's data analysis brings objection patterns to light, too, so that you can manage and execute your message better.

Tracking Where You are in the Sales Process

Your sales reps and managers should also be able to track and identify where they are in the pipeline at a given point in time. You should be able to gauge:
  • How many active deals you have in your pipeline
  • How much those deals are worth
  • How far along each lead is in the deal-making process (or, how soon you can close the deal)
Tracking these metrics keep you on top of you game and helps you with your financial forecasting and conversion rate.

Making It Relevant

You have probably been told time and time again that you need to keep track of every the possible lead and prospect. If there is any chance of a sale, you need to be able to sniff them out. Traditional CRM systems ask for way too many details, and, often, manage too much data for you to come to reasonable conclusions. The result? You may be left with more duds than possible customers. You need to avoid clutter and keep your engine filled with prospects who actually show a chance of buying from you. Salesvue's analytics creates a synergy between marketing and sales, and it provides you with valuable insights and delivers real prospects into the pipeline.  You can keep the sales machine running with elevated conversations with relevant targets. You don't waste your time on people who will not turn into paying customers. For more information on how to make your sales process more efficient, contact us or request a demo.