Meeting those sales targets can be tough in today's environment. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from and so little time to capture the prospect's attention. The best way to make a lasting connection with the prospect is to make it an emotional connection: something that targets their pain point.

The Pain Point

Think of pain points as buying motivators. A pain point is a motivator that triggers an emotional response in your customer, pushing them to buy your product or service. When you identify those cues, you can make a deeper connection and move towards closing the sale.
  • What is their biggest concern?
  • What is the driving force behind the project they are considering?
  • What could simplify their business process?
  • What work-related problems keep them up at night?
By asking these questions and uncovering these pain points, you have deeper insight into their needs. You now know what will motivate the prospect with an intent to purchase, so custom build your pitch and message around it in your sales presentation. But keep this in mind: a pain point is not a constant. It changes. It can change as the business evolves or as the propect's competition grows. It could even change a few times in the span of a week! You need to listen and stay up-to-date with what the prospect's biggest concern is.

How Salesvue Helps

Each conversation you have with your prospect gives you greater insight into what they are thinking and feeling, along with clues as to what those pain points might be. With Salesvue's one-click call logging tool, you can make a note of each conversation you have had and build on that when you make your follow-up call. Is the prospect constantly talking about wanting to boost overall team productivity and saving time? Tell them how your product does just that. Has the prospect mentioned that that s/he hates voicemail? For your follow-up, send a personalized email instead. Let the prospects hear what they want to hear. Isolate those pain points thoughts and bring them up or use them in the next conversation. Salesvue helps you capture the crucial data in each exchange so your team can keep the sales engine cranked up with elevated conversations that offer more value to the prospect. Plus, by simplifying and automating the follow-up process, your team makes more than half the number of calls they usually would. To see Salesvue in action, sign up for a demo.