The delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place is necessary to move a specific sales opportunity forward. Seems self-explanatory. You send the necessary information to the key decision makers and move your deal forward. But today, sales enablement is no longer just about increasing your bottomline after accessing and sharing the right information. You need to gain access to valuable information that can help pique the interest your prospect and get them into the zone where they want to 'hear more...' and, eventually convert into a buyer.


sales enablement rulesSales management is a data-driven process, but measuring how that data impacts revenue (and by how much) is a complex task - which is why many sales representatives still go by gut and intuition. You need to look at individual sales representatives and prospects and study what is working, how conversions are taking place and why. Instead of zoning in on a particular sales rep and his singular selling style and trying to replicate it across the board, look for the triggers which are prompting people to buy, and categorize them based on demographics such as time, purchasing power and so on.


Emails are a great way to send out a proposal or document, but if you have not established a buyer-seller relationship yet, you need to make as many connections as possible with your prospect so that you can drive them towards the point of purchase. Call your prospect and have a conversation, leave a message with someone in the organization if you cannot get through, or leave a message on their system.  Use customizable campaigns so that you can send a more targeted message. Continuously follow up after this point. You will be able to track You need to have a system in place that can facilitate  interactions between you, your prospects and your sales representatives. Your sales representatives should be making calls, sending out emails and other communications,and you should be able to see where each prospect stands, so that the final push needed to close the sale- a face to face meeting, webinar, etc. - can be made possible. Salesvue allows you to keep track of all these sales enablement interactions and guides sales reps through exactly which points to utilize. You eliminate the guesswork but gain insight on conversion rates and call metrics, which help you identify what works best.