Sales representatives are often forced to wear many hats - negotiator, deal maker, quasi-marketer. But the process of buying is also an emotional decision, so good sales reps need to possess certain qualities that can help them connect better with their audience and their clients. Here are the three C's all salespersons should possess:


The Three C'S Every Sales Person Should PossessAny seasoned sales representative will tell you that you need to talk less and listen more. You need to show your prospect that you care about their situation, and care about finding them a solution. You need to listen and understand what their problem is, how they got there and why they need your help. Understand where they are coming from so that you can provide them with the right solution. Care also extends beyond the listening level- you need to be able to adapt to your prospect's needs and emotions, and anticipate what they may need next.


No deal is signed, sealed and delivered without some chase. It could take weeks, maybe even months. For some businesses, investing in your solution may be a big decision, so you have to be patient. You need to have strong commitment to your prospects and clients, to your business and to the product or service you are selling. Commitment will ensure that you don't miss a step or a request from their side. A lack of commitment can lead to a lack of focus and the failure to follow through.


And of course, you need to offer consistent service and communication. Remember, a prospect is probably being wooed by several businesses at once, so you need to make yourself and your brand appear and feel familiar. If your prospects prefer communicating via email, stick to that. If they are easier to get hold of on the phone on a Friday morning, schedule your calls accordingly. When you maintain consistency in your correspondence and interactions, you can have a better chance at being on top of their minds. Salesvue can help you achieve all these goals. Salesvue is a tool that makes communicating with your prospects and customers easier. It allows you to log calls quickly and make a note of each interaction. When you know what was discussed previously, you can take the conversation forward with ease. Salesvue's activity reports allow you to sift through data and look into success rates based on campaign, time of day and day of the week. When you know which approach works best for your prospects and clients, you will not have a problem replicating that and maintaining a level of consistency.