Time Management for Sales Representatives

As a sales representative, you will often find yourself pressed for time. Running between prospects and clients, attending meetings with management and marketing, and hunting for new leads means you have a lot on your plate. Here are 3 tips for time management that will to boost productivity.


Time management and salesMarketing hands you some leads, but finding leads is also part of your job. However, you cannot spend all your time searching for new leads, and put off nurturing the ones who may turn into valuable customers. Ask for a little help by asking your existing customers for referrals. You get to follow up on leads who have heard about your product from a loyal customer, and you save time and energy hunting for the right prospects.


You know when your mind is at it’s best. You also know what tasks you do easily and which ones you dread. You also know when your customers like to be contacted. If you have a lot of email to check each day, do that first thing in the morning, or when your prospects are not available for a meeting. If you find that your prospects are more open to talking to you towards the second half of the day, schedule your calls then. If you need to sharpen a proposal, then do that at slower times during the day when you can be away from your phone.


To make things easier for the next day, or week, log your activity as it happens. Who you spoke to, who you tried calling but failed to reach, who asked you to call back later, and who gave you a positive response. When you know where you stand at the end of the day, picking up from where you left off becomes easier, and you can focus on the more pressing tasks when you get back to work.

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