Turn Cold Calling into Warm Prospecting

Today, we live in a hyperconnected world. We have social networks, text and instant messaging applications, direct mail  and, of course, the Internet. We also have many more filters to keep out unwanted communication: email spam filters, blocking options for people on Facebook, call screening, call rejection and call forwarding. In a world where we can somewhat control who has access to us, is cold calling relevant? Can it even be done at all?

Cold calling can be done and it can prove to be effective; you just need to change your approach. Here are a couple of tips for turning cold calling into warm prospecting.

Use the Web to Your Advantage

All that hyperconnectivity can be used to your advantage when it comes to hunting down leads. The web can help you uncover possible leads and learn more about them. You can easily keep track of who is visiting your website and how many people have signed up for emails/newsletters or downloaded a white paper or report from your resource page. Adding a tool like Disqus to your blog also helps start conversations and connect with possible customers. Use inbound marketing tools like these to gather leads, then get on LinkedIn or Twitter to learn more about them. You have many more ways to get in touch besides the social networks, but establishing contacts via these streams is a good place to start.

It All Starts with a Great Opening

You need to do your research and have a solid opening conversation ready. No one likes being ambushed, and you don’t want to be marked as spam/added to the Do Not Call registry or blocked on a social network. To make your “cold call” a “warm call,” position it as something that is worthy of their attention. Your message, regardless of medium, should:

  • Have an opening line
  • Establish who you are
  • A short introduction that directly relates to the lead’s business concerns
  • A statement that you plan to call or contact them

Doesn’t that sound like something you would at least listen to or read?

Connect at a Steady Pace

It takes times to nurture those leads, so once you have made the initial connection, keep at it. Make a call, send an email, pass along a report or white paper that the prospect may find useful. The task is to keep the prospect engaged, so that when they are ready to make a purchase, you are the first person they turn to.

Salesvue automates tasks for you so that you eliminate the guesswork of when and how to connect with your warm prospects. Customizable campaigns allow you to send a more effective message, so you can keep the sales engine cranked up with elevated conversations.