More often than not, the missing link between a closed deal and a missed opportunity is irregular prospecting, or pursuing your prospects the wrong way. Given the economy is still sluggish and most businesses and individuals are still being cautious with their spending, here are 3 tips to help you get the prospecting part right, so that your chances of closing a sale are higher.


Like we have said before, do not make it about you, make it about them! Instead of talking about the features and benefits of your products and services, talk about the solution itself and how it will positively affect the prospects business. You need to demonstrate how you can take care of their needs, how your solution will help their outcome, and the return on investment they can expect from working with you.


You want your prospect to become a lifelong customer, right? Not just a one-time buyer. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to give your prospect  some long-term perspective on what lies ahead for their industry and the sector they are in, and how you and your business are prepared to help them through it. You should be able to give them insights into what affects their business so that they are willing to do business with you.


Your prospects, like you, are probably talking to a dozen different people regarding their purchase. In order to stay on top of their minds, you need to communicate with them clearly and as often as required. Don't overload your prospects with unnecessary emails; but at the same time, you shouldn't ignore their requests for additional information or any queries regarding your proposed solution. It also helps to send along useful information which may be of value to them during the course of your negotiations- just so they know that you have their best interests in mind. This may seem exhausting, but you should communicate regularly; but not too often. Don't just communicate the information they ask for; add a little relevant extra to hold their attention as well. How can you manage your communications better? With a tool like Salesvue. Salesvue helps you manage your prospects and keep track of the interactions you have. Our one-click call logging facility helps you quickly record each sales call you make, as well as the outcome of the call. This way, you are better prepared for the next call you make/email you send and can avoid mix-ups and repetition. Salesvue's customizable campaigns and automated follow-ups ensure that all your prospects receive regular updates which are useful and no lead slips through the cracks.