What Your Sales Dashboard Should Tell You

Keeping track of everything that is happening with your sales team can be a daunting task. Trying to uncover how many leads are coming in, who is chasing which prospect, number of leads touched and conversion rate can be difficult, especially if you have a large sales team. A good sales dashboard can help you understand where your business stands during a sales cycle and if you need to change your strategy. Here are 3 things your sales dashboard should tell you.


What Your Sales Dashboard Should Tell YouYou have set your targets and forecasts- but how are you faring right now? Your dashboard should give you an idea as to how much value exists in your pipeline on any given day. How many leads have been touched; how many have converted; as well as any sales activities that are overdue or coming up.


If something is going wrong in your pipeline, you should be able to gauge it early on. Your dashboard should allow you to quickly check the success rate of a campaign, an individual sales rep or a method of functioning. When you can easily identify what is working and what isn’t, you can rectify what is wrong and replicate the steps that lead you to success and more conversions.


Once your business is up and running, you should set some specific metrics which help you measure efficiency, productivity and success. Your dashboard should display how your sales reps and your business are faring based on these factors. If your dashboard shows your important metrics, key performance indicators and conversions and fluctuations, without giving you details about the causes for the same, then your dashboard is not giving you enough.

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