Sales are won through a series of communications and interactions. Prospects take time to make a purchase decision, the first contact may seem easy and straight forward, leads are fed into the system, and a sales rep reaches out to a prospect. But how does the sales rep take the conversation forward? It is up to the sales team to deliver the right information at the right time, and follow up regularly to ensure that the brand stays on top of the prospect's mind. When handling several prospects at once, keeping track of communications and interactions can be difficult. This is where an automation tool like Salesvue can help.


Why Sales Prospecting Automation WorksTracking numerous prospects and the stage of the sales cycle they are in can be overwhelming if not done correctly. You need to know who is talking to whom and when, how often, and how well are they interacting. Salesvue's one-click call log system not only allows sales reps to log calls quickly and easily, but also helps make a note of the nature of the interactions, as well as the outcome.


One of the trickiest aspects of sales follow up is the time frame. How soon is too soon? Will calling a day too late mean that my prospect will walk away ? Automation helps you manage your time better by re-engaging on your behalf. Thanks to Salesvue's tracking capabilities, you can easily look up when your last interaction was, what transpired and what information was sent out. This gives you room to plan better for the final stages of the sales process leading up to the close.


Salesvue gives you access to information in real-time and allows you to filter data based on the metrics you want to track. Our call reports and total activities reports give you a snapshot of sales and campaign activity on a daily basis, and you can review success rates by day of the week, sales rep, campaign and time of  the day. By recording and collecting data responsive to prospect behaviors and preferences, you see how best prospects interact with your brand and your sales team. This helps you build a stronger relationship and replicate success. Salesvue offers you all this and more. Automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns, guide sales reps to utilize data to eliminate the guesswork of finding a suitable follow-up time frame. Plus, no lead is allowed to slip through. By controlling the frequency and recency of communications, you will be able to identify best practices which you can replicate to ensure success in the future.