Sales representatives are often given a long checklist of dos and don'ts, along with a list of qualities they should possess in order to close a sale quicker. Listen. Understand the prospect's pain. Offer solutions. Sell the benefits, don't just list the features. Listen some more. All of the above are important to build a relationship with your prospect, but sales can never happen unless the seller has real intent.


why intent is important in salesIntent here does not mean an intention to sell more and boost your profits- rather, the sales representative should have a genuine intent or desire to help the prospect with their problem situation. A sales representative can ask the prospect any number of questions and provide them with all the right information to aid their buying decision, but if they cannot express their intent and willingness to care and listen, the relationship will not be able to move forward.


Mindset: This may be easier said than done, but you need to cultivate an 'intent' mindset. In your mind, place the customer first and above the needs of your business and yourself. This way, you will be able to approach the sale with their needs in mind. Openness: You need to go in with a clear head and be willing to listen to their point of view. Ask open-ended questions so that you can draw more information out of your prospect. Open-ended questions also give them a chance to speak more. Before you can get to your list of products or services, allow the prospect to express themselves and let you know what product they may want/need. Communicate: Timely messages and calls let the prospect know that you are thinking of them and their problem.Your intent also needs to show in the frequency and quality of interactions. You need to follow up with your prospects, and with each call, provide them with what they need. Each sales call needs to move you and the prospect closer to a sale, and effective follow ups can only happen if you take the trouble to keep track of your conversations and the prospect's needs. Salesvue can help with the follow up process. Our call-logging system allows you to log calls in one-click, and make a note of the nature and outcome of the call, so that you are better prepared when you head in for your next sales call. Automated follow-ups and customization campaigns eliminate the guesswork of finding a suitable follow-up time-frame.