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Salesvue makes sales teams faster and more productive while giving management the business analytics it needs to plan staff, forecast revenue and grow sales

Salesvue simplifies and automates follow-up so sales teams make an average of 50 percent more calls. What used to take 12 clicks now only takes 2 with Salesvue. Your sales team will love knowing the prospecting cadence you’ve created, so they know how long to push, and when to cut bait.

Know Your Company’s Magic Numbers

Salesvue’s detailed Sales Business Intelligence (SBI) gives you data you’ve never seen. Discover how many activities it takes to connect with a prospect and how many conversations it takes for a conversion. Your company is operating on this data. Find out what it is, then plan hiring, forecasting, sales meetings and more. You’ll not only work smarter, you’ll take control of your sales number while adding up to 40% more in incremental revenue.

Onboard Your Customers

Use Salesvue’s built-in or customizable plans to streamline and standardize your customer onboarding experience. Customers will love it and you’ll be able to know at anytime where a customer is in the process and how each and every member of your team is performing.

Retain Customers & Increase Renewals

Salesvue’s unique customizable plans lets you build customer retention plans that boost support and other product renewals. Plan each activity a team members needs to execute, standardize, monitor it and watch your retention and renewal rates soar. Losing a customer or renewal doesn’t have to happen. Salesvue helps you make sure it won’t.

Some of our happy customers

  • “Salesvue has been able to maximize the productivity of our rapidly growing sales team”
    Ashley Burkhead
    Santa Rosa Consulting
  • “My team loves Salesvue. It increased our connections by 40%.”
    John Campanioni
  • “I was blind to 70% of my sales rep activity until Salesvue.”
    Mike Rutz
    VP of Sales Angie's List

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