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1: We Make Your Salesforce 6x Easier

It takes 12 clicks to log a call in Salesforce, an arduous number that can hinder Salesforce adoption among sales teams. Our Sales Acceleration Console reduces the 12 clicks to just 2 -- a 6x increase in efficiency and ease-of-use. When Salesforce is easier to use, your sales team will love using it. When they love using it, they'll be doing more. More activities increase your revenues.

2: We Make Your Dialing Easier

With our Salesvue Acceleration Dialer, sales reps can start a call with just two clicks. Reps no longer have to spend time searching for the right number to call and then dialing it. All of the relevant numbers are displayed at the top of the page, removing any time spent searching the page for the right number to call.

3: We Accelerate Your Sales Activities

With the sales team now loving and using their CRM, we then standardize all the activities they are doing using our Intelligent Playbook functionality. Our customizable Playbooks have been built using data culled from millions of calling hours. Your team will be doing the right activities at the right cadence, which will lead to that first pivotal conversation. Salesvue can also be used to standardize common workflows like customer on-boarding, marketing qualification, proposal management, appointment follow-up and more.

4: We Reveal Your Math of Sales

Our Sales Insight analytics feature presents detailed reporting that reveals your company’s Math of Sales. You’ll discover how many activities it takes to make a connection, how many connections it takes to have a conversation and how many conversations convert into an opportunity. Sales Insight measures virtually everything — view your numbers per rep, per time of year or per industry. It’s all there — and more.

Some of our happy customers

  • “Salesvue increased my conversions by 500%”
    Stephanie Thompson
    Client Success Director, PERQ
  • “Salesvue has been able to maximize the productivity of our rapidly growing sales team”
    Ashley Burkhead
    Santa Rosa Consulting
  • “My team loves Salesvue. It increased our connections by 40%.”
    John Campanioni

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