It takes 100x more effort to find a deal than to close it.

Let us help you maximize and optimize your prospecting-to-pipeline investment.

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Salesvue is the world’s most powerful prospect-to-pipeline automation solution—now available as a native Salesforce application.

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Salesvue makes sales teams faster, smarter and more effective. The result?
Happier sales people.


Salesvue simplifies and automates follow-up tasks so sales teams make an average of 50 percent more calls.

What used to take 12 clicks now only takes 2 with Salesvue. Your sales team will love knowing the prospecting cadence you’ve created, so they know how long to push, and when to cut bait.


Salesvue makes it easy to see exactly how your team is performing, and our reports help you manage improvements on the fly.

Track your sales people by call results, and give them specific steps toward success.

Data analysis shows objection patterns, so you can manage your message better.

More Effective

Salesvue insights help teams make better choices, which consistently deliver a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Keep the Sales engine cranked up with elevated conversions.

Sales Funnel Summary


12.5% Quota: 10,000

7.1% Prev: 10,500

15.4% Avg: 9,750



Prospecting is hard work, full of riddles and rejection. Salesvue’s sales analytics provides the sort of insight that turns sales into a game, and delivers prospects into the pipeline.

Sales velocity modeling shows your sales people how they’re doing, keeping them positive.

Salesvue conversion analysis makes calls easy for managers to review.

See how Salesvue can impact your pipeline and your revenue.

Your Current Pipeline + Salesvue
Account Manager Headcount 5
Outbound Activities per Day +50%60
Annual Selling Days 250
Total Activities 50,000 75,000
Connection Rate % 15%
Total Conversations 7,500 11,250
Conversion Rate % +20%12%
Total Conversions 750 1,350
Proposal Rate % 10%
Total Proposals 75 135
Close Rate % 75%
Total Deals 56 101
Average Deal Size $ $15,000
Total Revenue $840,000 $1,515,000