In today’s market, more buyers are spending less time in a relationship with a salesperson and spending more time engaging with companies and products via digital means. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85 percent of customer relationships will be handled without talking to humans! And, one study by Sales Benchmark Index showed that buyers are clear: they don’t want to see sales reps.

As a result, reaching the buyer has become even more difficult and the value of representatives has shifted.  Buyers look to the quality of their interactions with representatives as influence on their buying decision. They require timely, consistent follow-up with the right information to meet the their needs - and often without much conversation up front. They want a sales representative to quickly understand them and provide helpful insight for making an informed buying decision. To do this, sales organizations need to arm their representatives with the right tools. Sales leaders who understand the importance of continuing to invest in improving sales enablement, sales training and sales processes are more likely to see better results with their team. Automating as much of the sales cycle as possible gives sales representatives the time they need to execute on goals and reach more buyers effectively.

Below are 3 areas Sales Leaders should consider automating to support their sales teams:

Phone Dialing Your Inside Sales teams can connect with more people in a single hour by using automated dialing solutions. Phone dialers boost productivity by reaching more contacts in less time. This leaves more time for your sales team to be in conversation. Make sure to look for a phone dialer that integrates with your company's CRM solution to keep information on  your entire sales cycle in one place.

Activity Prioritization Good sales reps will take notes on the best follow-up times and messaging approach with buyers. But, keeping track of this information and time spent scheduling the day, again, can take away from valuable selling time. Automated solutions exist to prioritize follow-up for your reps so that they can simply focus on execution. Alleviate this administrative task by giving your team a tool to prioritize their tasks and activities for them. Your sales team will spend less time arranging their calls and more time driving revenue.

Creating Proposals Presenting a well organized proposal to a buyer is a critical piece of the selling process. One way to ensure uniformity across your organization while also providing quick-turnaround to your buyers is to automate your proposals. Proposal automation solutions reduces the time sales representatives spend in proposal building while delivering exactly what the buyer needs and in the timely response they need it. Consider proposal automation to improve the experience for both your customers and sales representatives.

Is your team automating parts of their sales process?

Let your sales people handle the finer points of the sales process. For rudimentary tasks, however, put sales automation software to work for you!

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