Sales Enablement Best Practices

Businesses don’t just need sales- they need to understand what goes on behind the scenes that will help them close more sales in the future. Sales enablement is the ongoing process of equipping your sales team with the tools, methods and activities that prepare and support them to close a sale. Here are a few best practices for better sales enablement.


Sales Enablement Best PracticesAn important aspect of building a great sales team is to find people who are the right fit for your company and brand image. Depending on the kind of industry you work in, and the nature of the business, you may need sales people who are more aggressive, or perhaps softer in their approach, and so on. Your sales reps also need to possess the skills and knowledge to be consultative, since buyers today have more access to information and are more educated.


The second enablement practice you should follow is continuous observation of sales activity. You need to know how many leads are coming in, how much time your sales reps are spending on prospecting activity, how they are going about the selling process, and more. When you observe activity and close range, you not only gain a better understanding of your team, but also insight into common pitfalls which you can avoid.


Evaluation is necessary after the observation process. When you evaluate what works against what doesn’t; successful campaigns versus the ones which didn’t click; and productive sales reps versus those who haven’t delivered on their targets, you can identify what needs to be improved. By zeroing in on these improvement drivers, you can take a step-by-step approach to improving your sales process and creating a repeatable ‘success formula.’


Salesvue empowers you with real-time, effective data that can help you close a sale quicker. Our intricate and comprehensive reports give you a snapshot of sales activity: when and how your leads are being touched, how often your sales representatives are interacting with prospects, and which interactions bring forth the best results. Salesvue helps you replicate the exact steps that led you to success, enabling you to sell more.