If you are familiar with the sales space, you probably know that one of the biggest buzzwords right now is “sales enablement”. However, do you actually know what sales enablement is? Did you know it is different from sales engagement? Sales enablement platforms are used to help improve seller’s performance. By aligning sales and marketing, allowing for a smoother onboarding, and guiding sellers into best practices, sales enablement platforms are the best way to help boost effectiveness and efficiency.

What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

Put simply, the definition of a sales enablement platform is a tool used to help bring people and technology together throughout the sales cycle. This may mean helping sellers stay organized in their day-to-day, aligning your sales and marketing teams, or even making onboarding smooth and easy. Sales enablement platforms are a great tool for companies looking to increase efficiency and close more deals.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

It Aligns Your Sales and Marketing Teams

West Coast vs East Coast, Microsoft vs Apple, and Marvel vs DC. All these are some of the biggest rivalries going today, but none compare to sales vs marketing. At least, this is how it seems in most organizations. Whether sales says marketing isn’t finding enough qualified leads or marketing says sales isn’t closing enough deals, they never seem to align. In order to be most effective, this cannot be the case. Sales and marketing need to work together, whether that is sharing data or content, in order to find more leads and close more deals. Sales enablement allows for this process to become much easier and helps provide the right content at the right time to the right people.

It Provides Smooth Onboarding of New Sales Reps

Research for Glassdoor found that “organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.” This is huge. Without proper onboarding, information may not be shared properly between departments, making the process not as effective as it could be. By having a place where all the onboarding information, such as scripts, sales playbooks, competitor overviews, client reports, and other information made to help SDRs, can live, the time to ramp up a new hire is significantly reduced. This means more time selling and closing deals.

It Informs Best Practices

If you were asked who your best seller is, I’m sure one person comes straight to mind. Think about everything that person does and what makes them stand head and shoulders above your other sellers. Now, imagine if they could teach the rest of your sellers all their tips and tricks. A sales enablement platform can accomplish practically the same thing. These platforms can help streamline and incorporate best practices and techniques to help increase effectiveness and efficiency when used right. By implementing the best parts of each seller across your entire team, just picture how much better the collective whole could be. Sales enablement can help you scale by letting you define an activity or series of activities you want your team members to follow and automatically triggering other activities based on certain outcomes.

What is a Sales Enablement Strategy?

Sales enablement strategy is all about how you use the platform. A sales enablement platform is only as good as you want it to be. If you want to use one to only set meetings, then you can. Or perhaps you only want to use one to share content between sales and marketing. That’s okay too. However, to truly get the most out of it, we suggest coming up with a sales enablement strategy. This is all about how the platform is set up, how you’re going to utilize all parts of it, and how you’re going to use it strategically to your advantage. Make sure you’re not wasting any parts of the platform, since if used right, it’s one of the most powerful tools your business can have.

How Do You Know if You Need a Sales Enablement Platform?

Sales and Marketing Teams are at Odds Even Though They Have the Same Goals

Everyone wants to close deals and increase revenue. They would be lying if they said otherwise. So, why does this seem to be an issue for some companies? According to research by Sirius, nine percent more growth occurs when a business aligns their marketing and sales departments to enable better communication. This is where the lightbulb goes off. The missing part for many is missing a sales enablement platform. A sales enablement platform can get both departments on the same page about content and cadence, resulting in more closed deals.

Sales Reps are Not All Following the Same Process

Sales enablement helps get sellers on the same page. These platforms can help create workflows that are consistent between your reps to ensure they are doing the same process and completing the same tasks. With the same workflow being used by everyone, it is easier to see what is working and what is not.

Sales Scripts are Inconsistent Across the Team

According to Forbes, 70 percent of the most successful US companies provide a consistent sales message throughout the entire buying journey, compared to just 37 percent of all the other companies. Sales enablement allows you to make sure you are delivering a consistent, reliable experience to your prospects and customers.

Conversion Rates are Down, Quotas Aren’t Being Met, and You Don’t Know Why

With the analytics in your sales enablement platform, you can identify areas needing improvement. You can tell which campaigns are most successful, when is the best time to call, which types of customers give you the best results, and more. Check out this post about the most important sales enablement KPIs.

In Conclusion

After hearing all this, you may be wondering, “Great, where do I find the best sales enablement platform?” Shortly after this, you will realize there are many of these platforms available and become overwhelmed with them all. However, one that helps combat this stress and works as an easy to use and powerful sales enablement platform is Salesvue. Better yet, Salesvue lives natively within Salesforce, making everything even easier.

About Salesvue

Salesvue is a Salesforce-native sales engagement and sales enablement platform that helps you bring synergy to the whole team. Because you and your data never leave Salesforce, sales and marketing teams have easy access to share and manage all customer and prospect data.

With Salesvue, you get real-time insights into how your sales team is performing, what is being discussed in each call, and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Data analysis even shows you objection patterns, so you can manage the marketing message and the sales conversation better.

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