What is a Sales Engagement Platform and Why do I Need One?

In separate studies, “59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business,” while “42% of sales reps say they feel that they do not have the right information before making a sales call.” A sales engagement platform helps salespeople engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels and at every touchpoint they have with a company throughout the sales cycle. Using automation and integration with a CRM, phone, email, and content management system, sales engagement platforms increase sales rep productivity by preparing them for customer contact, keeping them organized, and streamlining sales activities.


A sales engagement platform is not a CRM. CRMs such as Salesforce are a central place to capture and track data about sales relationships. While essential to sales teams, CRMs can be cumbersome and time consuming for reps trying to use them for sales engagement activities. A sales engagement platform is not a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation platforms focus on getting leads but do not facilitate engagement between prospects and individual sales reps. Neither a CRM nor a marketing automation platform is sufficient to engage prospects throughout the sales cycle, whereas a sales engagement platform closes the gap between the two.


of customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage.
of customers now expect companies to anticipate their needs.
of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.
of customers expect companies to communicate with them in real time.
of customers expect consistent interactions across departments.
of consumers expect the same level of engagement when buying from a brand as when buying from a retailer (such as Amazon).

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By managing the customer engagement process from beginning to end, sales teams are able to close more deals in less time with a sales engagement platform like Salesvue. Here’s how:

  • Phone services such as click-to-call, live agent power dialers, and voicemail drop templates save time while ensuring prospects and customers get the attention they expect.
  • Automated emails, email scheduling, and the ability to send both one-to-one and one-to-many emails allow personalized messages to reach prospects at just the right time, while A/B testing helps reps focus on the right messaging.
  • Lead generation content is available 24/7 in the sales engagement platform so that sales reps can provide prospects with the value-added information at the appropriate time during the buying journey.
  • Reports that tie sales activities to marketing initiatives allow sales teams to save time and identify the most productive plan at any stage in the sales cycle.
  • Automatically triggering other activities or actions based on the outcomes of the sales team’s defined activities gives customers a personal experience while cutting down on administrative time.
  • A platform that is native to Salesforce (such as Salesvue) gives reps a single interface that lets them communicate with customers without syncing or needing to update data in multiple places. In fact, Salesvue users don’t ever have to leave Salesforce, and neither does any important prospect or customer data.
  • Multiple follow-up plans based on account or persona provide structure to help sales teams improve conversations-to-qualification ratio more efficiently.
  • With customized best-practice cadences, a sales engagement platform lets sales teams take advantage of the best sales behaviors in their organization.
  • A platform with a mobile app allows inside and outside sales teams to be on the same page, documenting meeting details and moving opportunities forward in real-time.

Considering the buying experience that customers expect today, organizations small and large, B2C and B2B, can benefit from using a sales engagement platform. That said, all organizations are different, and there are quite a few platforms available. Comparing sales engagement platforms is key to deciding which will work best with your team. After narrowing your search, get a personalized demo so you can be sure the platform will be easy to use and do what you want it to do.