Every salesperson would agree that retaining current customers is more cost effective than always hunting for new ones. So, why not take the proper steps towards helping reduce customer churn? By utilizing a customer engagement platform, you can help ensure that you stay top of mind with your customers. This will only help lead to many great things, one of which is easier deals.

What is Customer Engagement?

On its face, customer engagement sounds simple. Communicate and interact with your customers regularly to keep them engaged. However, a good customer engagement strategy is not that simple. It involves way more than an email every few weeks. Customer engagement can range from interacting on social media to routine check-ins about how your product or service can be improved. You must communicate with your customers in an orderly fashion over a variety of channels.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

These key activities are important for a few reasons. First, and most obvious, is that they help keep your customers happy. No one likes to be forgotten, so you must ensure that you keep an open communication channel with your customers. This leads to other important things, such as reducing customer churn. Everyone knows it is cheaper to retain and sell to your current customers rather than always be hunting for new ones.

The Harvard Business Review states it is from 5-25% more expensive to acquire a new customer, and increasing customer retention by only 5% can help increase profits by 25-95%. Knowing how valuable reducing churn can be, you should strive to help reduce it as much as possible. Utilizing customer engagement can help make this a reality for your company.

What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

Trying to handle every aspect of a customer engagement strategy can sound overwhelming. It would take hours for sellers to send emails, interact on social media, come up with call scripts, and more. However, there are great tools you can use to help alleviate this worry. A customer engagement platform specializes in helping sellers make these touchpoints with customers without worrying about losing hours in their day.

Customer engagement platforms help organize and automate these touchpoints, making them easier for sellers to perform. Some of the solutions offered by these tools include customizable and scalable cadences, email automation, appointment and follow-up reminders, and more. Customer engagement platforms help automate these low-level tasks so sellers can spend more time on closing deals, while also making the necessary touchpoints with current customers.

Customer Engagement Platforms vs CRMs

Now, you may be asking yourself what some of these customer engagement platforms are. A common go-to is to think that CRMs also act as customer engagement platforms. However, this is not the case. From a 10,000-foot view, CRMs generally are best at storing and organizing customer data and customer engagement tools help to give sellers or account executives the structure they need to consistently engage with customers, rather than having to keep notes and remember when to follow up. So, while CRMs do provide a lot of the essential data needed for customer engagement, it lacks all the tools to do it most effectively.

Is Salesforce a Customer Engagement Platform?

But you may ask yourself, how could this be true? A platform like Salesforce is so big that surely there is an option within it. But this isn’t the case. There is a solution though. If your team is already using Salesforce, then there are customer engagement platforms that natively integrate with Salesforce. The easiest to use and most powerful of which is Salesvue. Adding the power of Salesvue to your Salesforce org will help tremendously in your customer engagement efforts.

Salesvue as a Customer Engagement Platform

For teams using Salesforce, Salesvue is the best customer engagement solution. Salesvue combines the great access to data through Salesforce and the automation and customization of a customer engagement platform. Being the only Salesforce-native solution that looks and feels exactly like Salesforce, Salesvue gives users the ability to build cadences to follow regular engagement intervals with customers, along with automated emailing or customizable email templates to make things incredibly efficient.

Salesvue also has a built-in dialer, CallConnect, or can be used with other third-party dialers to make follow up phone conversations with customers a breeze. Also, keeping everything in Salesforce ensures that your entire sales operations and customer success team has a single source of truth in a very familiar and friendly UX presentation for existing Salesforce users.

By combining Salesforce and Salesvue, sellers will be able to engage with the number of customers that should take hours in just a few clicks of a button. Utilizing a customer engagement platform is something every sales team needs. Do not miss out on the opportunity to retain customers, rather than hunt new ones. A sound customer engagement strategy will help you get there.

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