The practice of attracting buyers through valuable content has become such a basic marketing principle that it’s hard to believe it’s only been 16 years since Hubspot coined the term “Inbound Marketing”. While content has become ubiquitous, beating the competition to the sale is usually accomplished by the sales representative who first added value. If you have Formstack integrated with Salesforce, you are on the right track. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how your sales team can close more deals without having to do any other integrations. (Full disclosure: Salesvue is the game changer.)

Step 1: Data Collection

When a prospect fills out a Formstack form or survey, all lead information is recorded and added to Salesforce in real time. Because Salesvue requires no data mapping, is easy to configure and simply works with Salesforce, the Formstack data is automatically populated in Salesvue as well. Your sales team saves valuable selling time on administrative tasks as the form data maps seamlessly to new or existing contacts and accounts. And your leads’ data is securely stored because both Formstack and Salesvue are native to Salesforce.

Step 2: Content Delivery

Upon filling out the Formstack form, Salesvue automatically sends the inbound lead the requested content and places the lead into a follow-up call and email cadence. The prospect gets immediate gratification through the engagement leading to a positive experience with your brand.

Step 3: Team Alert

Formstack sends an automated email to immediately alert the sales team, so they can follow up quickly and cater their messaging appropriately depending on which content was downloaded. Marketing and Sales teams are working in a more streamlined manner knowing that all leads are automatically transferred to the sales team, and leads can’t simply slip through the cracks.

Step 4: Follow Up

Salesvue can automatically place leads into a multi-step nurturing cadence so the right information gets to them at the right time and you can stay in front of the prospect to generate a conversation that will move them into your sales funnel. Using Salesvue’s one-click dialer and voicemail, email templates, call scripts, telephony suite and mobile app, teams have the ideal sales engagement tool to become more effective and efficient at following up. And no matter how many leads come in, you can automate tasks and create processes to manage growth.

Step 5: Measure & Improve

Track performance of reps with time-to-touch reports and Math of Sales™ to help you know what works best and how to improve lead-to-opportunity conversion rates. Then use Salesvue’s sales engagement platform to replicate and automate the exact steps that led you to your successes. With Salesvue, sales managers can make better decisions with actionable insights and improve ROI by getting more out of the resources already in place. In the third edition of Salesforce’s “State of Sales” report, Salesforce found that “while top teams are even more likely to base their forecasts on data, underperforming sales teams are 1.7x more likely to forecast based on gut feeling.” With Salesvue, you can eliminate the guesswork and boost the Formstack-Salesforce integration to close more sales deals without spending a lot of extra time and effort. To see how Salesvue can help, request a personalized demo or check out a video demo for a quick overview of the platform in action.